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Alliance Safety Council Develops ReadyDriver™

Alliance Safety Council Develops ReadyDriver™ Online Class A CDL Theory Course to Help Entry-Level Truck Drivers Meet New FMCSA Regulations

Alliance Safety Council, one of the nation’s largest occupational safety and workforce development providers, has developed ReadyDriver™, an online truck driving theory program, meeting new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements for commercial driver’s license (CDL) applicants that go into effect February 7, 2022.

ReadyDriver is accessible on various devices and screen sizes

ReadyDriver™ is a comprehensive online theory program that participants can complete from anywhere, on any device at their own pace. The program was developed for driving schools, companies that train drivers internally, and individuals seeking a CDL for the first time.

This online theory training program utilizes identity authentication technology, ensuring the highest level of integrity and legal defensibility. ReadyDriver™ automatically submits results to the FMCSA, streamlining the licensing process and eliminating the need to manually submit results.

Local driving school Diesel Driving Academy supported ReadyDriver™ course development as subject matter experts. Combined, Alliance Safety Council and Diesel Driving Academy have over 120 years of experience preparing workers for their careers. These organizations are dedicated to helping solve the driver shortage and logistical challenges our community and country face today, while ensuring safety across all industries.

With the new regulations for entry-level drivers and continuing regulatory and compliance issues facing the industries we serve, we’ll continue to work on mitigation of those issues. We’re committed to investing in improved technology solutions and the latest training techniques, such as micro-learning and immersive capabilities, to increase trainee engagement and, more importantly, retention. This new requirement is an excellent step forward in protecting not only truck drivers but also other motorists on the road.

– Kathy Trahan, Alliance Safety Council President/CEO

Alliance Safety Council is an online Class A theory training provider in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) training provider registry (TPR).

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