Designed for recruiting and hiring workforces for multi-project, multi-location businesses

Pyvot Connect was created with hiring managers in mind. With all the tasks managers are required to carry out daily, they simply don’t have the luxury of spending time sorting and organizing paper employee applications. Through this mobile responsive web application, managers can organize and access permanently stored employee applications.

No more paper. No more email overload. Instead, you can sign in at your convenience, review applications and set up times to speak with applicants within minutes. Pyvot Connect offers its users the gift of time.

Ensure all aspects of work before, during and after training runs smoothly

Are you able to identify training gaps before sending someone to a job site? Is your system customizable? How do you access information if you are on a jobsite?

Pyvot Track is a software that helps organizations streamline and optimize back-office processes for instructor-led, computer-based and online training. It allows you to manage and centralize training records in one secure database for both employees and contractors. Move beyond spreadsheets once and for all. Access records anytime, everywhere.

Take control of your own career development

The workforce development platform, Pyvot Explore, is based around the learner and the learning experience. It allows individuals to easily find learning materials tailored to their needs. With Pyvot Explore, users can discover and earn the skills necessary to drive toward specific career goals.

Pyvot Explore also benefits the business by filling critical skill gaps in an ever-changing work environment. It drives worker engagement through the social community built within the platform, increasing your workers’ exposure to information gained from industry experts.

Invest in their growth and invest in your business’ success.

Verify worker compliance quickly and efficiently on site

With Pyvot Gate Check services, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. You are able to verify workers’ training compliance, as well as background and drug screenings, all before they enter the facility or training location.

Worker badges will appear as “Authorized” or “Not Authorized” after a quick scan of their badge, ensuring the safety and security of the workforce. Company-specific gate check applications are also available.

So say goodbye to the dreaded paper trail and lost time. Ensure your workers arrive job ready.

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