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Alliance Safety Council announces partnership with Hard Hat VR 

Alliance Safety Council, one of the nation’s largest occupational safety and workforce development providers, has...
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CRG certification

Become a certified practitioner of CRG communication & learning assessments

Alliance hosted an engaging and interactive program - the Professional Mastery & Assessments Certification -...
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COVID 19 Pandemic

Free Virtual Training Class for Alliance Members

The half-day virtual training focused on exposure to infectious diseases, including COVID-19, in small businesses.
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Choosing the right Contractor Safety Orientation System

Choosing the right contractor safety orientation system

Not all contractor orientations are equal. Many aren’t standardized or compliant – and often, they’re...
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ReadyDriver is accessible on various devices and screen sizes

Alliance Safety Council Develops ReadyDriver™

Alliance Safety Council develops ReadyDriver™ Online Class A CDL Theory Course to help entry-level truck...
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COSS 20th Anniversary Image

COSS Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

For 20 years, the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) program has helped workers master the...
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5 Basic Rules for Ladder Safety Infographic

5 Basic Rules for Ladder Safety

Falls from ladders are a leading cause of workplace fatalities. By following the basic rules...
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Webinar Image - The Key to Managing Risk Associated with Remote Learning

Free Zoom Webinar: The Key to Managing Risk Associated with Remote Learning

Watch the webinar now! Learn about the key to managing risk associated with remote learning...
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5 Best Practices for Fall Prevention

5 Best Practices for Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. By having a fall...
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