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Security Passport, Identity Verification & Occupational Medicine

Security Passport

For the safety and security of your workforce, you need thorough, reliable onboarding services. For employee background screening, we provide Security Passport, a cost-effective process developed with input from the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GBRIA) and local construction leaders. This three-to-seven-day process screens individuals for certain felonies, and may be initiated online or during safety training check-in. Successful applicants will receive a Security Passport photo ID badge.

Security Passport ID badges expire every two years. 

Member Cost
$61 (Online Registration)
$67 (Fax or Walk-In)

Non-Member Cost
$65 (Online Registration)
$74 (Fax or Walk-In)

Applicants must consent to an independent investigation conducted by Sterling Testing, a consumer reporting agency. This investigation includes obtaining information over the last seven years regarding an individual’s criminal conviction background consistent with federal and state law. Security Passport screens applicants for 51 felonies. Please Note: The Security Passport must be scheduled on the same day the applicant submits the disclosure form.

Download the Consent and Disclosure form

Download the Security Passport FAQs

Download the Complete Security Passport listing

Identity Verification

Certain courses (such as the Basic Orientation Plus, the Basic Orientation Plus Refresher and PowerSafe) will require additional trainee ID verification in the form of a Social Security Verification (SSV). Individuals must provide a Social Security Card and a government-issued ID card (such as a valid state driver’s license or state ID card). The SSV will confirm whether a Social Security Card is valid and active.

Occupational Medicine

Gulf Coast Occupational Medicine is located within our centers as a convenience for our members. These walk-in clinics provide drug testing, alcohol testing, audiograms and respiratory services.

Services provided:
• Drug Testing  
• Certified Collectors 
• Specimen Collection 
• DOT Testing 
• Non-DOT Testing 
• Onsite Drug Testing 
• Hair Drug Testing 
• MRO Services 
• Alcohol Testing 
• Breath – DOT and non-DOT 
• Certified BAT technicians 
• Saliva Alcohol 
• Audiograms 
• Respiratory Services 
• Respirator Fit Testing – Qualitative & Quantitative 
• Pulmonary Function Testing 
• Medical Clearance to wear a respirator 
• Screening X-Rays 
• Physical Exams 

All services are available at the Alliance Safety Council Addis, Gonzales and Walker locations. Physicals are not provided at the Baton Rouge location, but all other services are available. 

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